1. Federation of Canadian Artists ~Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition 2017


2. Painting on The Edge 2017 


3. Ten Squared 2017 ~ Annual Fund Raising Exhibition and Sale (Sept. 4-10/2017)


4. Mix 2017 ~ Mixed Media  


1. AIMAE (Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition show at the Federation of Canadian Artist from May 29th- June 10th 2018

*Sold* Gift of Compassion ~ https://artists.ca/show/2018_aimae_the_annual_international_mail_in_art_exhibition/45/gift_of_compassion/0

2. My artwork "Plea for Peace" will be displayed in the online gallery thru the Federation of Canadian Artist  for the  2018 FCA Postcard Competition and Online Exhibition from May 1st - June 31st 2018. https://artists.ca/show/2018_postcard_competition_and_online_exhibition/30/a_plea_for_peace/0

3. Art Pod ~ FCA summer event with participating members outdoor near the Granville Island Market

4. Painting on The Edge 2018 ~ "Carnival" at the FCA online gallery https://artists.ca/show/2018_painting_on_the_edge/27/carnival/0

5. Mini weekend residency at Federation of Canadian Artists July 14-15 2018